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How to Choose The CNC Router Machine Spindle ?



1. Advertising engraving machine:

the engraving object is a relatively soft material, so the spindle power of the advertising engraving machine can be within 1.5kw-3.0kw. If you choose this way, you can achieve the purpose of engraving and save costs.

2. Woodworking engraving machine:

The spindle motor of the woodworking engraving machine can be selected according to the hardness of the wood to be processed. Its power is generally around 2.2kw-4.5kw. This combination is also the most reasonable.

3. Stone engraving machine:

The spindle power of the stone engraving machine used by the manufacturer should be selected according to the hardness of the stone to be processed, which is relatively high, generally around 4.5kw-7.5kw, and the most commonly used spindle motor is 5.5kw

4. Jade carving machine:

The power of the main shaft motor of the jade carving machine is generally 2.2kw-3.0kw due to its small bed.

In general: hard materials, large cutting volume processing, use high power; soft materials, small cutting volume processing, use low power. Of course, generally speaking, it is better to have a higher power after meeting the demand. The actual power consumption of the motor is related to the load, so for the engraving machine spindle, under the same load, the actual power consumption of the larger spindle is not much different. However, due to the large weight of the rotor and the size of the bearing, the general maximum speed of the larger power will be lower than that of the smaller one. Therefore, before selecting the spindle, it is necessary to clarify the maximum speed required for the processing material.

Woodworking relief:

Below 15mm, generally 1.5kw

Generally choose 2.2kw for more than 20mm

Choose 3.0kw for one board over 30mm

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