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What kind of spindle motor should be used for stone engraving machine, and what is the best power?



With the rapid development of the stone industry and decoration industry, there are more and more carvings of stone steles, marbles, and various types of stone. Stone carving products have completely entered life, ranging from jade pendants and ornaments to large stone statues. Reliefs, sculptures, steles, tombstones, etc., so there is more and more demand for stone engraving machines in the market. In order to meet the needs of stone processing, there are also higher requirements for the quality of stone engraving machines. When choosing a stone engraving machine, generally speaking, the minimum spindle selected for the stone engraving machine should be above 3KW, and the high-speed spindle with constant power and constant torque should be selected. To meet the requirements, whether it is used for engraving, or engraving stone tablets, relief, long-term engraving and processing can run stably.

The method of selecting the main shaft of the stone engraving machine, due to the hardness and fragility of the stone, the main shaft of the stone engraving machine is different from other engraving machine equipment such as woodworking engraving machine and advertising engraving machine. The stone engraving machine is used to process stone, such as Natural marble, granite, bluestone, sandstone, artificial stone, tombstone, milestone, ceramic tile, floor tile, metal, glass and hard object materials, most of the stone has high hardness, compared with wood, advertising products, foam, plastic, etc. The material should be much harder, and its hardness can even be almost the same as that of metal. Therefore, the spindle on the stone engraving machine cannot be the same as other engraving machines. It is necessary to choose a special stone engraving spindle motor, preferably 5.5KW The high-speed spindle can meet the requirements of stone carving with ease.

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